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About Us

Domino's Pizza Enterprises Ltd (Domino's Pizza) is the largest pizza chain in Australia in terms of both network store numbers and network sales. It is also the largest franchisee for the Domino's Pizza brand in the world. 

Domino's holds the exclusive master franchise rights for the Domino's brand and network in Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Japan and Germany. The Domino's brand is owned by Domino's Pizza, Inc, a listed US company.

Domino's Pizza Enterprises now extend across seven countries, with more than 2000 stores and is the leading international Domino's franchisee.

At Domino’s each and every employee from store member to head office staff are ambassadors for our vision and mission and follow the values of our company.






  • Treat people as you’d like to be treated.
  • Produce the best for less.
  • Measure, manage and share what’s important.
  • Think big and grow.
  • Incentivise what you want to change.
  • Set the bar high, train, never stop learning.
  • Promote from within.
  • We are not ordinary,  we are exceptional.


  • Domino's Pizza Enterprises Ltd
    Head Office- Australia
  • 1300 DOMINOS (1300 366 466)
    Orders - Australia

  • Domino's Pizza Enterprises Ltd
    New Zealand
  • 0800 30 40 50
    Orders - New Zealand

  • Share Registry
  • Share Registry information about stock transfer, dividend payment, electronic funds transfer (EFT) of dividends, address change and other inquiries, write to:

    Link Market Services
    Locked Bag A14
    Tel. 1300 554 474
    Fax. +61 2 9287 0303
    Email. registrars@linkmarketservices.com.au
    Web: www.linkmarketservices.com.au

  • Company Enquiries
  • For corporate and investor enquiries relating to Domino's Pizza Enterprises Ltd contact:

    Richard Coney
    Chief Financial Officer
    Tel. +61 7 3633 3333


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We'd love to hear what you think about Domino's and our products and service, the good and the bad. If you have experienced any problems with our service or if you think we did a great job we'd also love to hear from you.

Please click hereclick here to submit on-line feedback or call our toll free feedback line on 1800 805 888 to leave feedback over the phone.