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 Karsten Freigang
 Karsten Freigang

Karsten Freigang

Karsten Freigang joined Joey’s Pizza in 2007 as a franchise manager before being appointed to CEO in 2009. During the following five years Karsten led the company to become the market leader in Germany by growing the store network from 132 to 210 and doubling the annual turnover. In 2016, Karsten led the acquisition of Joey’s into Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited. 

Prior to Joey’s, Karsten began his career with an apprenticeship in hotel and restaurant management. At the age of 21 he started his own business, a multi-unit owner concept of one of Germany’s top three breweries. He gained experience in food service by becoming a franchisee of Burger King before entering a management positions at spirit supplier Underberg and Nordsee Fischspezialitäten GmbH. Later in his career he was also responsible for all corporate stores at Tank & Rast AG.

Karsten brings a wealth of knowledge and exceptional skills in management of Quick Service Restaurants at both a franchise and corporate level to the Domino’s business.