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 Michael Gillespie
 Michael Gillespie

Michael Gillespie

Group Chief Digital Officer

As a newly created position for Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited, Michael is responsible for managing the online strategic growth in-line with the brand’s promotional rollout across all six markets.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Majoring in Marketing from Griffith University, where he received three consecutive Annual Griffith Awards for Academic Excellence Awards during his degree.

With over 15 years experience in online marketing and strategy, Michael is well-diversified in his ability to adopt forward-thinking experience and knowledge in the online space to ultimately build sales momentum and take Domino’s digital vision to the next level. 

Michael’s experience with the Domino’s brand spans over seven years. During this time his vision and commitment have helped Domino’s transform from a pizza delivery company into Australia’s most sophisticated online and digital retailer, with several advanced online ordering platforms and online initiatives.