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 Scott Bush
 Scott Bush

Scott Bush

General Manager New Zealand

Starting his career as a pizza delivery driver in 2003, Scott was promoted to store manager within just two months. Under his leadership the store increased its average sales by more than 50% per week. Following this early success, he was then promoted to a franchise consulting role, where he immediately set about opening two new stores in Mt Gambier and Mildura within 12 months. Along with increasing the average weekly sales of these stores, he also purchased four stores in his hometown of Canberra. Since 2011, he has owned and co-owned 18 stores in total.

From there he took up the position of state corporate operations manager for the New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory markets in Australia. During his tenure Bush helped grow sales and improve profits through exceptional customer service in a number of Domino's pizza stores.

Scott's passion for good customer service has seen him make an impressive impact on the business and lead to him taking up the role of New Zealand General Manager in August 2013. In this role Scott manages the New Zealand market, focusing on growth and strong customer service.